Any tips on getting illustrious grades surrounded by High School?

I want [Kuya] Chris Tiu to answer this. :)) Haha. Kidding. :P Anyway, high college in my college is pretty tough. There's pressure everywhere and truckloads of homework are given to us everyday. I was an honor student during echelon school and I really entail to maintain my grades. Any tips? :D

Answers:    It’s really ones determination that will determine how far one will jump in language of getting good don marks. Of course, in that is no substitute for hard work. That’s the most underlying. You have to review on a daily basis and keep up to the curriculum. Having good study traditions and staying focused, especially during exams. Also, getting on the good side of the professor really helps, but know your margins.
Don't miss any class. Let your teacher know that you are interested by participating within discussions and volunteering during activities. Do your homework. Come to class prepared. Don't forget to own fun!

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