Anglo-Saxon definitions.English 4, high school senior?

Question:I need the Definitions for Moore and Oden as they pertain to Anglo-Saxon literature or culture. My teacher gave us the words to define but I cannot find the proper definiton on or in my book. Please help. Due tomorrow.

Oh the agony of the Anglo-Saxons! I don't know about this Moore character, so I can't help you with that. But I do know a little something about Oden

(Woden) god of death, poetry, and magic.

could help humans communicate with spirits.

was associated with burial rites.

and the word Wednesday derives name from him...

I hope I helped out just a little bit.
Well without knowing the words, I cant help ya. Have you tried calling a friend with the same class? Or even try to google the words also using key terms. Example: THE WORD definition Moore (or Oden) Anglo-Saxon. Or something like that.
Are you sure you have the spelling right for both of those? Were there first names as well as last? There are many authors named Moore, but also More, as in Sir Thomas More. Oden could indeed be Odin (Woden) of Norse mythology, but if you didn't get the spelling, your teacher could mean W. H. Auden, an author. Check out for a great reference source. While Wikipedia is NOT a good reference for a research project, it may have just what you need here. If you have the full name, any search engine can help, too.

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