~Why is it that in New York we need 44 credits to graduate..In other states they need like 20 something~?

Question:We need at least like 22 jus to become a junior in high school & that's the amount needed to graduate in other states..It's easier for them to graduate, than for us in New York

Wow only 20, I have a hard time believing that. Do you even really want to settle for 20?
You may get more credits per course than some other states. At my school we get 1 credit for a full year course and .5 credits for a half a year course. At my high school our graduation credit requirements are broken down like this:

22.0 units required (over-all minimum)

4.0 units in English

3.0 units in Social Studies

3.0 units in Mathematics

3.0 units in Science

1.0 units in Arts/Vocational Education(Art, Business, Family & Consumer Science, Music, Technology)

2.0 units in Physical Education/Health

20 hours of Community Service

Met Proficiency Standard in the CAPT

The other credits are usually met through foreign language or other elective courses.
Seriously? We need like 120 to graduate. I'm guessing that each state has different credit options... maybe in your school, it's 2 credits for a full-year class and 1 credit for a half year. In other statess it might be 1 credit full year, 0.5 credits for half year. My school is 10 credits for a half year class and 5 credits for a quarter class (we don't have 8 or 9 periods a day, we have 4)
different ststes have different systems. Maybe a credit is worth more than it sounds. Say that 20 credits is spread over 4 classes instead of 5. Basically, it's all about the quality of education and not just the number expressing how much education you had. By the way I needed about 70 something credits to graduate (one major class was 4 credits... so 20 credits was done by freshman year)
i only have to have 24 to graduate. and i got 2 this year. so i need 22. you have a lot of credits to earn. i dont know why, maybe they want to make it more challenging and make you work harder? : )

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