Are school uniforms really necessary?

Question:at my school they have unifoms, and thre relly ugly. i think we should'nt have them. i need an opinion.

School uniforms aren't technically necessary, but in Private schools it is very common.

Sorry yours has to be an ugly one. It must suck to not be able to feel attractive. I was lucky enough to have a cute uniform. Hopefully your school gets some brains and makes them a little more bearable :)
They are a great leveller. Otherwise it becomes a fashion parade of who can afford the best or latest stuff.

Live with it.
Its sad that the world has came to this, But when my kids were still in HS, they did not have uniforms, and a boy was beaten for his $200 shoes !!
I think the same as the first answer, your not there to show the latest fasions, your there to learn
School uniforms are very necessary. Nude students would hamper education.
@ my skool we don't have uniform we have dress code...which no matter how stirct it is its better than uniform. We have 2 wear a skirt below knee&a blouse..then wat ever we want.... Uniforms sukkkkk
uniforms are unnecessary. I have done 2 science fair projects on school uniforms and they basically do nothing. I had a principal say they improve grades, but they don't. It is the teachers that show leadership and take charge of their classroom, the uniforms don't do it. Also, the whole idea of everyone is equal, well everyone is not equal, everyone is different and need to express themselves. Also, when being picked on about their clothes and/or stolen items, normally it is shoes and jackets and uniforms don't answer that area normally. Plus kids who make fun of another kids clothing more likely are jealous. I tihnk uniforms are pointless. i had it optional at a school and the principal thought if we wore them, it would improve our grades, but of course it did not and now like no one wears them. just say no to uniforms.
i really feel bad 4 you!
at my school we dont have any!
i lovies it!
but i dont think any1 shld have to suffer!
w/those ugly uniforms!
As a kid I was not too crazy about school uniforms, but as an adult I love them. My kids and I don't have any arguments in the morning about what to wear. Also, the kids in our school know that their personality shines from inside, not from what they are wearing on the outside. Remember, you still get to wear other clothes afterschool and on the weekends. This way, you don't have to worry about what other people are thinking about what you wear, and you can think about more important stuff, like school and friends, etc.
the use of an uniforms is a Good thing, you go to school to learn not to hung out with friends or try to set a fashioned trend, it reduces the what brad of clothes do you buy, or what they look like, cuz everyone in the schhol looks as goffie as you do in it, so go to class sit down and Listen to the teacher and Learn something, and wear what you want when you go out with your friends
You are right! School uniforms are usually ugly and not needed.
I come from Europe, the Netherlands and there are no schooluniforms in that part of the world, have never been and will never be.
Schooluniforms is an English phenomenon, but absolute useless.
For the poorer families it creates a lot of extra cost of schooling and it serves no purpose.
In my school days clothes were no problem, whatever you wore and fashion or trends were not important.
I wore uniforms throughout most of my schooling and it was great because I never had to waste time in the morning deciding on what to wear; plus, there was no differentiation between the rich kids and the poorer ones; everyone dressed the same. AFTER school wear whatever you want, but in school, you're there to learn, not to show off your wardrobe.
The majior problem in schools regarding clothing is the distraction to the students. Low pants, high skirts, etc only take the attention away from the classroom and place it on the students. Our schools are getting worse and worse, and it is time to refocus on the purpose of School- it is not a social networking club or a place to hang out- Go to the mall for that. School is to learn and focus on studies; ie. prepare us for life, not fashion. And for all those that think that it takes away from your freedom of expression: no one is saying that you have to wear them at home or at the mall- just at school. You don't like it, then be a janitor for the rest of your life and drop out. Otherwise, leave the fads at home when you go to study.
I went to a Catholic high school and I wore an uniform. I loved wearing uniform! The teachers really noticed the difference between a "normal" day and a "dress down". I did not think about what I was to wear everyday.
First are you in Public school or a private school? If the answer is (a) then no, because there will still be a display of income level in the quality of the uniform. I believe that all schools should have a dress code but uniforms are not the answer.
Trust me, it does not matter whether you wear a uniform at school or not. But uniforms can help to focus on discipline and learning instead of fashion.

I wore what I thought was an ugly uniform when I was in high school. but you know what, it really did not matter. We found smarter ways of individual self-expression than just clothes. It was in the ways we spoke, music we listened to, books we read... Outside of school of course, we tried to outdo each other in dressing!

Now I think that having kids and teenagers wear uniforms just might help to counteract our materialistic and superficial culture and create individuals at heart , instead of lemmings. That might be bad news for the economy but great news for social values.
No, they are not necessary. i had to wear uniforms for a few years as a new policy for the school district and i hated it. i felt horrible about myself. the uniforms themselves distracted me because they were uncomfortable and were just downright ugly. also, if people make fun of other people for clothes they wear, then they obviously have no life and cant think of anything better to say to insult that person. as for taking long to choose out clothes when there is no uniform policy, theres a simple solution. choose ur clothes the day before and leave them out. and as for regular clothes being a distraction, thats a negative. for those who it does distract, apparently they have a short attention span and could be distracted as easily by bright posters on the wall. I absolutely hate the uniforms and i think they prevent freedom of expression, the little we have during our years as kids and teens.
Yes school uniforms are necessary and should be implemented in schools in the USA. I wore a uniform from kindergarten right up to my senior year in highschool and I don't feel the uniform stopped me from expressing myself as an individual. The uniform kept allot of children in school and it helped the authorities decrease juvinile delinquencies in our town. Parents didn't have to worry about their children skipping school because if you were caught not in school during school hours in a uniform, you would get in trouble with the law. Children were held responsible for their actions. Aside from that, we focused on our education instead of what new jeans or what new shoes were in trend. Rich and poor students worked together and respected each other because we were all treated equally. My graduating class has almost 80% of the class holding bachelor's degrees and higher. I can't say the same for children in our schools today.

The children in schools today are NOT afraid of ANYTHING. They don't respect their parents and they don't respect their teachers. We have given in too much to their nonsense, that teachers are afraid of their students. The uniform maybe the best thing in today's society to save our children from ruining their lives. We need to teach them order and organization and I know the uniform is a stepping stone in the right direction towards a brighter future for our children.
Recently this same question was asked with several things that annoyed me: horrible grammar, misspellings and ideas that are at the lowest spectrum of worrying in life. I think that school uniforms would be removed IF students we're looking shabby with boys "sagging" or revealing the color of their underwear in many ways that basically expose them to the world. And ladies, you're not exempt either. School is not the place for Britney's mini-skirt, Lindsay's cleavage or Paris' heels to be worn.

You don't need to have a pair of guns on your clothing to exhude an air of defiance. Just don't come to school.

You don't need to have inappropriate clothing for boys to like you. They will or they won't.

You just need to be students. You need to learn, and if you think this is unjust and a horrible way to live, then tell your parents and the someone from the ACLU will be there helping you find a way to supercede the rules. I say that with a little bitterness because as the substitute teacher I'd love to be in jeans, a Iron Man t-shirt and my hiking boots, but if a parent wants to meet with me, they won't feel very comforted, trusting, and safe leaving their children with me.

Yes, there need to be lines. And yes, there has to be mutual respect from the teachers for the students. All you need to do is find it with the right channels, such as PTA groups, school board meetings, and lots of research. Another writer mentioned that he studied the effects of uniforms on behavior and found it inconclusive - use that data. Get that person to help your fight.

But do you know why schools want uniforms? They want you to have a high education, and the way schools overseas do it is with uniforms. Any student coming to the US says our most advanced testing is easy enough due to the fact they have much stricter rules for govering schools - they have absolutes, and very little room for legal manuvering. Expulsion means out, there is no (or very little) on-campus suspension, little to no extra tutoring, corporal punishment, and if you can't pay for school or afford the books, uniforms, equipment, and other supplies, you don't go.

After all you only wear it around your educational peers, and once you leave you can wear as much or as little, as spiritual or as vile a piece of clothing as you wish when you're not in school. And you're NOT in school 16 hours a day every day, and it's only a 5 day week no including holidays, and 18 weeks a year. In seeing all this, is a uniform that big a deal?

Good luck with your dilemma.

As a former high school student, I remember when only the rich kids wore uniforms to school. That gave them what they thought was the right to laugh at the poorer kids because they could wear shorts to school and we could not. Now as a parent, my child has a closet full for clothes but I am forced to go out every year and buy new uniforms for school because his regular clothes are not good enough for them. I want to know when the school system is going to get out of the fashion game and remember what the children are really there for, an education.
My source for this answer is something thatis not used as often as it should be in today's society,.. and that is common sense. You are always hearing Adults telling other Adults to be aware of all their behaviors around children and teen agers because.?? They will model the behavior. Also Adults are always telling other Adults ..Set A Good Example... So common sense would reveal.. That if All the faculty of these schools had to wear uniforms everday to school, and set a good example for the children and teenagers,.Then .... not only the students but the parents that have to buy these uniforms might be more receptive to the whole idea. Personally speaking as a mother I do not think the way you wear your hair, or the color of it, or the logos on T shirts , or what you choose to wear to school has Any impact on your ability to learn. This was my one rule for my daughter who is grown now. ( As long as the neckline doesnt go all the way down to your crotch, and as long as it isnt so short that when you walk your *** is literally showing , the choice for clothes is totally up to you.)Teen agers have been pissing off the school faculty by their choice in school attire LONG before this generation came along. The Biggest problem with the scholol faculty, and school boards who got this... bright idea? about uniforms for (students only) is that they have selectively :) forgotten how much they used to piss off their teachers by the things they wore to schhool. So here is my idea... Get more Creative in the ways that you teach our children ,stimulate their minds..( there are a few teachers out there like that already) anyway Teachers and faculty STOP complaining about attire, and Lets have more thinking outside the box regarding the art of teaching the children who are the future of this world.. peace love and rock and roll check ya laterrrrr
I've been a school with uniforms for 3 years now, and I have to say, they do have their highs and lows. First of all, I really like them because, well, they look nice and organized when in things like school ceremonies and such. I think that even with uniforms, you are still given a decent amount of freedom. For example, my uniform is a plain plaid kilt with a white polo. In the winter we have to wear a navy blue sweater and navy blue tights (impossible to find). At my school, the girls all wear unique jewelry and hair accesories. Also, most of them bring purses to carry their stuff in. The great thing about those is that it's relatively easy to find an individual purse that you really like and feel expresses yourself well. So, if there are a decent amount of freedom for things like accesories and shoes, and every once in a while the school has free dress days, I don't see why uniforms should be such a highly debated thing.

Unfortunatley, sometimes uniforms can be really impractical and annoying. Like when we go on class trips. Yes, it makes us easier to find, but it also makes us look like idiots, walking around in the same thing. Also when changing for gym, it takes SO long. Uniforms have more downsides though; they can be hot in the spring, they're expensive, and not exactly fashionable.

So I think that in the longrun, uniforms are ok. What can I say? they build character. I think that more schools should have at least a better and more enforced dress code. So do my friends from schools that don't have uniforms.

Finally, if you're feeling p.o'd because of your uniform, I have it worse. I wear a Kilt. like the scottish men in the highlands. and tights, from thanksgiving to spring vacatioin. every day.
but i don't mind too much.

~* VA ; )
Coming from a culture where every public or private school is required to have school uniforms, I think that they really help the kids focus more on their academics. I moved to the states when I was 12 and I had never felt so out of place than when I went to school. All these kids care now days is about their Jordan's and air forces and not about what they're learning. They make fun of the kids that don't have the "trendy" clothes and that is where all of the bullying starts. so I think that they should make all of the schools in the states have uniforms, whether they're private or public.

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