Any International Baccalaureate students/grads out there?

Question:I'm about to start pre-IB (sophomore year of high school). I just basically want to know how difficult you thought the courses were and how much homework you had. Thanks!

well there were many essays involved,
the courses weren't that difficult but alot of homework.
the downside is your stuck with the same people most of the day. and not alot of colleges accept IB.
good luck in whatever you do.
too much work for not enough pay off.
Im a student who jst finished soph year. it was a bit harder then i think normal school would be, but with persistence you can fly through it. Good luck
I'm doing IB too! Sophomore year is not that hard. English was the hardest subject for me, but that's just because I'm not a very good essay writer. I still have a 4.0 though, so you can definitely do it. Just apply yourself and give 100% on every single assignment.
hi again.. i'm the guy who answered your other IB question
i'd say english was pretty hard.. i had to write an essay everyday for class work.. crazy huh?

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