Am i behind in my time.. i am 30 no kids and still in school?

Question:i feel so stupied i have been going to college for 7 years the reason why is because my marriage was so terrible i dont know why he stays with me. i dont knnow why i stay with him but i had to repeat some classes with drawl from a lot of them and i am finally now going to graduate in the spring. then i have clinicles to do and i want kids but i feel that by the time i get threw with school i will be .31 or 32 arent i getting old and isnt this to old to be still trying to finish school will i ever finish or should i just get a job an forget about it

I just completed my associate’s degree when I turned 30. That is because I grew up in poverty, with chemical dependant parents. I was told that I was stupid for so long, that I believed it until I was about 26, and started school.. I have been taking classes on and off since, but traveling abroad has sort of stalled the completion of my education. I am now 41. I don’t have kids, but I didn’t want them to start with. Just keep going to school until you reach you goals. Having kids is just an overrated waste of resources, and will further stall your education. How you could ever consider it is beyond me. How could you when you are not doing so well with your hubby.

Today I am emplyed as a software developer. I will get my BS one day.
You don't have to feel stupid. Its not bad at all. Some people don't even study or go to school. And it was not your fault that you're repeating. it was not anyone's fault. If God has made you and sent you on this earth, then he might be having some definite purpose. I'm sure you'd do something brilliant in your future and I hope that you succeed in whatever you do. All the best!
P.S. Sorry for the previous answer. I did not mean to discourage you. I feel that the word Sorry is too small for that. But still Sorry , Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,Sorry ,........
I feel that as long as you aren't 40 you are fine with having kids its not to late ,there is nothing wrong with getting your career together first because if you would have had them early how would better support them. I don't know what to say about the husband situation maybe you two should talk to see where things are.
things are different these days. in my opinion, as long as you are going to college to make something of yourself, and use your education for your benefit, there is nothing wrong with it! i would still try to get a job on the side though
Not really a women just gave birth to twins at the age of 60! That is not what you wanted to hear but it's true. I think you should seek some help with your life from someone other then a group of people that hang out on line. A minister/priest a school consular, along those lines.
Its never too late to do something.

First and definitely stay in college, i mean, you're about to graduate anyways, so its good for applying to jobs, because they know you had so many years of college (at least you weren't the one to have dropped out, which is good :) ) then when you're done getting a job and you are all organized and stuff, then you can have a child.
OK, this is Yahoo and you can vent but this does sound whiny. You should see your positives not only your negatives. If you pay for a class, you should study and don't look for excuses. Anyway, 7-yrs isn't great but it's not that unusual anymore (just look at the graduation rates in a Kaplan or PR book at the bookstore...they seem to be dropping annually). Making excuses is going to be a bad mind-set for job interviews, and if you have kids someday you won't want to teach them to whine and make excuses.. Suck it up, and get focused.

Why would you think about throwing 7-years of time and money away and not finishing? If you don't know why he stays with you, why are you even considering kids? Whew, this was messed up. OK -- (1) finish school. Whether you're married, unmarried, a Mother, etc. you'll want to be able to get a decent paying job in your major at some point. (2) Iif you want kids, make sure your marriage is solid and then discuss with your husband when you should try to get pregnant. He gets to vote. (3) Make a life plan. 31-32 isn't old, and you aren't the only person in his-her late 20s or early 30s in your college. In two years, you will be 33 or 34. Do you want to be 33-34 without a degree, or with a degree? Simple. Don't panic, just take it one class at a time to finish and in a few months you'll be celebrating.
hello christina you are good as far as your age sweeti ebut wait until you are out of college dear you can contact me any time sweetie ok get your diploma and go from there and very good luck
OH NO! you should definately finish otherwise all that work is for nothing, you are just fine, you are trying to make things good for when you do have a child and that is awesome. Keep it up, good things will happen for you, even if it means finding someone new. If he is cheating on you, you can find someone so much better, there ARE guys out there that will stay completely devoted to you, forever, its just finding them that is the hard part, but you can do it! It just takes time. If he isnt cheating, I would say try going to a therapist together to work on your relationship, and find out how he feels, etc. Oh, and my email address is you can write to me there and my myspace is igot2muchattitude you have to write it out in your address bar because yahoo is weird and wont let you click on it for some reason. I dont know what kind of messengers you have but I have all of them, lol. Yahoo is igot2muchattitude aol is igot2muchattitud and msn messenger is ..hope to hear from you!

Find what you want to do what you love to do. You were smart enough to not have kids before you are settled and thats fantastic unlike some of the single moms who are detrement to society with their illegitimate children.

Find your niche and love it

Congrats on graduating i would like to hear what field you chose
STAY IN COLLEGE! Seriously, once you get out, you'll have a great education, and get a great job, then dump the guy and get a better one!
No youre the perfect way God made you just like we all are. Dont listen to 'mikey gs'. 30 is not too old to go school. Youre not behind your time. He needs to shut his harry potter looking self up. Dont listen to him. Try to reconcile with your husband. Jesus Christ saves. But as for outside the box..

Dude, I get asked this all the time. It has no effect. NOTHING will change, except there will be no accidents.

Hypothetically, let us say you are in a bicycle accident. You are in a coma for a week. During the week you are out, some doctor performs a vasectomy on you. The vasectomy heals during this time. You would never, ever, ever know about it, unless someone took a sperm sample under a microscope. Not even your partner could know.

I should know. I had one done before I turned 22. I am soon to be 41.

Maybe before you had a vasectomy you had 'accidents'. I dont have 'accidents' by the grace of God. You dont know anthing. Hes trying to deceive people into getting a vasectomy, which thing is an abomination. God created us in His image and likeness, and one of the infinite gifts Hes given us by His grace, is the ability to have children. Why would you want to let someone steal that from you, and then foolishly try to deceive others into doing the same. 'nothing will change except there will be no accidents'.. what are you talking about liar. Before you have a vasectomy, there are no accidents. I dont have 'accidents'. If you mean 'accidents' as HAVING A CHILD, youre lost. Children are a blessing from God, not an accident. Perhaps youre talking about your own self.
I agree with Mikey Grey. By the way what wrong has he written that timmahoney_69 is saying not to listen to him? You read Mikey Grey's answer and tell me yourself!

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