What is the difference between a tract and a short summary?

For the introduction, we need a exposition, then a summary too.. but I thought a paper was similar to a super short summary explaining the whole essay. (e.g. This is a story going on for a rich king who went out to the deep, but died."

Answers:    A thesis is an introduction to your essay, but depending on the type of class (high academy language vs. illustrious school lit vs. college eng), it also give a bit of opinion. You don't in reality want your thesis to utter, "This is a story about..." A summary is more make clear to, a thesis is more show.
Ex. Topic: Thanksgiving
Summary: My essay regard the troublesome history of Thanksgiving and the historical inaccuracies and myths that surround the anecdote of the first Thanksgiving.
Thesis: The first Thanksgiving, and the holiday in standard, has be a notoriously misrepresented time that, within actuality, celebrates the death of thousands of natives. (Then you would give support to hindmost this up.)
That pretty much is a thesis, close to an extended topic sentence.

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