Back To School Tommorrow?

Question:Does Anyone Have Some Good Tips For Me? Im Going Into 8th Grade!

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So Do Good!

Your Look

Choosing an Outfit:
Try to avoid anything extremely flashy, as this will almost guarantee you negative attention, which is exactly the opposite of what anyone wants, especially starting from day 1. Go for a cute top with some jeans or a medium length skirt. Mini skirts are cute and okay for the first day, just make sure that they're allowed. You don't want to spend time in the principals for violating dress code. Finish off your outfit with some cute flats or flip flops (as long as they're not the $2 buy-at-the-beach kind) and a matching purse. You don't have to be too matchy-matchy, but try to avoid clashing colors, unless that's that look you're going for. (Not recommended!)

Remember that this outfit is what you're going to be remembered for for a while. This is your first impression. Aim to be cute and conservative. You have the whole year for more daring clothing. Reserve the first day slot for something that you'll feel comfortable in. You're going to have enough on your plate without having to deal with an uncomfortable outfit.

Decide what hairstyle you want. On the first day of school, most girls tend to wear their hair down. You can go for a super-straight style, loose curls, or wavy. You can never go wrong with straight hair, and it's easily achievable for everyone. That's what I recommend most. Start off by shampooing and conditioning your hair. I recommend John Frieda Frizz-Ease Solutions, but I'm sure whatever you have is fine. Rinse with cold water. After your shower, towel dry your hair, apply heat protection, and blow dry straight. In addition, you may straighten your hair. This is probably necessary for those who don't have naturally straight hair. The next morning you can re-straighten and apply spray or serum to lock in your hairsyle for the whole day.

You really don't need a lot of makeup. Trust me when I say: less is more! If you have blemishes, cover them up with a good concealer. If your face is multiple colors, apply a dot of foundation to necessary areas. Avoid the foundation if you can. You can replace it with small ammounts of bronzer and/or blush. Aim to use only 2 products on your face (eye & lip makeup don't count). 3 is pushing it, but okay. 4 and up is pretty much a bad idea. You can choose accentuate either your eyes or lips. My opinion is to go for the eyes, but it's your choice. Use a tiny bit of eyeliner to outline the edges of your upper and lower eyelids. Finish off with 1 or 2 coats of mascara. You can use eyeshadow if you want, but try to keep it fresh and stick to only mascara and eyeliner. For your lips, just some simple chap stick and one coat of non-colored lip gloss should do the trick.

The night before

Lay out all of your supplies. You don't want to be searching for things around the house when you should have left 10 minutes ago. If you want, make a checklist of what you need, and check off everything as you lay it out.

Lay out your outfit as we discussed before.

Take a shower, and clean your body well. Shave, and apply lotion. Wash your face like normally (hopefully you have a skin care regimen!). Shampoo, condition, and treat your hair as necessary.

Get to bed no later than 10:00. Yes, it may sound early, but you'll be thankful tomorrow morning when you're getting up at 7:00 or earlier. The sleep is important and will help you function on the big day.

The morning of

Get up at 7:00 or earlier (6:45 is recommended), and eat a good breakfast. (Cereal, orange juice, and an apple or toast is good.)

Wash your face, brush your teeth, and care to other hygiene needs. Spray perfume if you want to smell fresh.

Get dressed and finish styling your hair as needed.

Gather all of your items and just relax for 10 minutes. You're prepared and ready, so give yourself this time to watch TV, read a magazine, surf the internet, etc.

Leave the house and bring your items with you. Preferably in a bag or backpack. Leave earlier than you think you need to (about 10 minutes) because there will most likely be traffic, and you certainly don't want to be late.

At school

Meet up with your friends and chat up with everyone who you lost contact with over the summer. Don't worry about awkwardness, everyone feels the same way. Make sure to greet everyone you know.

Go to your first assigned period about 5 minutes early. Find out if you're assigned to a certain seat. If you are find it, if not, choose one. Lay your things on that desk, meet your classmates, and find out your teacher's name. You probably won't have time for all of this, but don't worry, you'll learn these things soon enough.

If teachers get right into teaching, take notes, write down assignments, etc. Just be a good student.

Be confident in everything you do. You're prepared and ready, so stop worrying if you are.

Good luck!
be your self
Don't be will be fine...Good Luck!
Try not to be too nervous, be yourself and do as good as you can in your classes. In 9th grade things will be much easier so get through this year and highschool will go quick.
There will be tension on what you wear, uniform or not. My daughter is starting the 7th grade on September 5th. She's always saying, just go to that store, the other store's cheap. Whatever you do, don't suck up to the people that say, oh how come you don't buy at that store. Just be good this year because you'll be entering high school the next and your grades will determine what high school you go to. Also, it would be best to bring your own lunch, I never really liked the cafeteria food my kids eat...well good luck, and just remember, grades are important and trying to be the most popular kid in school (hopefully your not aiming that) isn't going to help you in the future. You don't want to be w/o a job saying, at least I was popular in school. You want to have a good job saying, I did my best to make myself get here. Good Luck!

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