2 questions about high school?

Question:What school supplies should I get for freshman year [btw the dont give out school supply list]?

How do I get out of swimming in highschool?

make sure on the first day of school that you have a notebook and pen/pencil. This is all that you need for the first day. I promise you.
The teachers will tell you what you need for each class. Make sure to write everything down. They usually give you a week or so to get these items.

Is swimming a mandatory class in your high school? I'm afraid that there is no way out of it then.
I know when my mom was younger she had to take swimming and hated it. She had a male coach/teacher and would say that she was on her period every 2 weeks so that she could get out of it. This may not work nowadays since the product of tampons have been invented.
What is your reason for not wanting to take swimming? Is it because you can't swim? Or are you afraid of what people may say because you have low self-esteem of your body? Or do you just hate it.
There may be no way around geting out of swimming at your school, but ask your guidance counselor if it is a main issue for you.
Get a few basic supplies (notebooks, pens) for the first days of school. Your teachers will tell you what other supplies you will need once school starts.

As for swimming, if you don't have a medical problem that makes it impossible/unsafe for you to swim, you aren't going to be able to get out of it. Most units in PE only last a few weeks, though, so it really won't be that bad.
Well, I cannot answer the second question (as my school never required swimming).

For the first question, wait until you go to all your classes. You can buy your supplies after you attend all the classes, so that you will know what your teachers want you to buy. Just bring a spiral notebook and a 1" binder with some looseleaf in it, as well as a few pens and pencils, on your first couple of days of classes.
1. Your teachers will tell you what you need for each class on the first day of school. Make sure you bring a pencil, pen, and a notebook full of paper on the first day, though.

2. To get out of swimming, you have to talk to your counselor, but know that because it's a new year, you will probably have to stay in swimming for up to a month until they are able to transfer you out. If you have joined the swim team and choose to leave it, you will be put in a regular P.E. class.

Good luck.
I think you get to pick which PE class you want to take in highschool. Atleast that is how it is everywhere that I know.

Usually the supplies you will need will be

number 2 pencils
black and blue pens
extra eraser for top of pencils
college ruled paper
paper clips
thesaurus and dictionary
library card if you don't already have one
blinder with tabs
I'd wait until after school starts to get most stuff so you'll know what your teachers expect you to have. Just make sure you start with paper, pens and pencils. That's really all you need for the first day. And since you're starting high school, I'd suggest you get a flash drive. That way you can transfer computer projects and papers from school to your house really easily. Good luck! Oh and for the getting out of swimming...Break your leg or arm! jk. But seriously my cousin did that on accident and got out of swimming. But his PE teacher almost made him swim anyway with a cast on! I really don't think you can get out of swimming unless you have some physical reason that you can't swim. Have fun!
A lot of what you are going to need depends upon your particular school district. Generally, though, it is probably safe to get the following:

Several folders (one for each subject)
2-3 notebooks
A binder to keep the folders/notebooks in
Calculator (Scientific one for this grade level)

As far as the swimming goes, does your school require it? You may be able to ask and see if you can take a different sport, or see if you will be allowed to provide proof you can swim...this might exempt you from swimming.
pencils/erasers and pens
bookbag or back pack
notebooks (either binder or spiral)
book covers (you can use paper supermarket bags)
personal stuff that you may want for your locker such as a mirror, a poster, etc
check with school to see if they provide a lock for locker or if you need to buy one
folders or something to organize handouts in

There are most likely more but these are the essentials. If you find you need other stuff once you start school, they will probably tell you and you can then go to the store and get it.
3 Computer discs
3-ring binder
Colored pencils
Colored pens
Glue stick
Graph paper
Hand sanitizer
Internet access
Paper clips
Pencil sharpener
Pocket dictionary
Pocket folders
Poster paper
Public Library card
Ream of computer paper
Spiral notebook

And...if youd on't want to swim just be honest and explain you don't want to be a swimmer anymoer.
Teachers will normally tell you what you need specifically for their class.

As for swimming... I dreaded it too. However, wearing a swim cap really helps! A lot of people went to their doctors and asked them to write them a note saying they were allergic to cholorine (even though they weren't) and the doctors actually wrote them excuses. You could see if that would work on your doctor, if you're really that desperate.
Go to the office of the high school you'll be attending. They'll tell you AND most likely provide the list you can't find. If swimming is a required PE subject for some reason (ie: graduation), you can't get out of it. Otherwise, see about changing it with a high school counselor. They can help.
number 2 pencils
black and blue pens
extra eraser for top of pencils
college ruled paper
paper clips
thesaurus and dictionary
library card if you don't already have one
blinder with tabs

if you wanna get out then write a note to your pe teacher ask your mum first if she says no then write it your self,or say your ill ect
For your first question, just go to class on the first day and teachers will let you know what they want you to bring. They're pretty lenient if you don't have all the supplies right away. But for the first day, make sure you bring a binder with paper or spiral notebook and a folder, and some pens or pencils. That'll get you through the day.

As for your second question... if swimming is mandatory, unless you have an extreme phobia of water or you have a medical condition, you can't get out of it. If you do have a medical condition or phobia, you will need a doctors note to prove it.

Having low self-esteem is not a valid reason to get out of mandatory swimming classes, sorry to say. If it was, I'm sure that a lot of people would use it to get out of class. Remember that the rest of your class is going to be going through the same thing as you. You're not going to be the only one in a bathing suit. And, at least at my school, I'm sure no one really cares what you look like.

Also, the whole point of swimming class is so that you learn how to swim. Not being able to swim isn't an excuse, either. In my swimming class, we were separated into a few groups, based on ability to swim, so you weren't learning more advanced techniques than you were ready for.

My Phys. Ed. class was split into different units throughout the semester, so swimming only lasted for about 8 classes, with the last class basically being a 'free class' to do whatever we wanted. It went by so fast, it was like nothing.

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