1 1/2 inch binder or 2 inch binder? 10th grade honors classes?

Question:I'm making up my back to school shopping list, and I'm having a hard time deciding what size binder I should get.

I know it doesn't seem like a big difference, but should I get a 1.5 inch binder or a 2 inch one?

I'll have 2/3 honors classes and an A.P. class, and I'll have to buy 4-5 binders.

I may or may not use a locker, but even if I do, I'll have a lot in my backpack.

Stalemate I guess.


u should get the smallest binder possible to save space
thats what i would do
Wait until your teacher hands out the syllabus. xD
(I need to start my AP homework xD)
2 inch. Just take it .
I'd go with 2 inch, too. You don't want the binder to end up being too small. You'd just have to buy another one. There is a big difference in how much you can put in those 2 sizes.
When in doubt, go for the big one. Then keep it at home and buy a small one to take to school. You can transfer pages from the small one to the big one after you finish each unit, or term, so your backpack won't be bulging and you will have all the reference material you need at home.

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