7th grade supplies?

Question:I am going to 7th grade on the 27th and I have my clothes figured out and everything, but what supplies do we need? Does anyone have a website where they have a list?

Remember: by the basics, see what the teachers want, THEN go shopping. this is the supply list for my district but i think the same rules apply.
Pens - 6 Black, 6 Blue
Red Pens – (6 total) (no gel pens)
#2 Pencils – (A LOT)
Colored Pencils – Package of 12 or Larger
Wide Ruled Notebook Paper – (2 Packages)
Spiral Notebooks –(Total of 6)
Pocket Folders – Matching the notebooks(Total of 6)
A few 1 1/2inch, Three Ring Binders
Highlighters – (4 total)
Calculator (4 Function)
Glue Stick –(2 total)
Large Eraser
Tissue Box – (1 or 2 total)
Light Color Post-It-Notes – 2” x 2” Package of 12
Pencil Box or Zipper Case
Sealed, Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
any list will tell you that you need way more than you actually do just get a notebook at first and wait for the teachers to tell you what you need
it depends on the school and on the teachers. different teachers/schools require different things.

but helpful items that you cant go wrong with are:

locker accessories
homework planner/assignment book

try this site for ideas:

hope this helps and have a great school year!!
yes what cloud said is correct.
Just bring the basics on the first day

The teachers will tell you what you need specifically for their class. =)
you should have a list
I notice less and less middleschools and highschools give out lists anymore. I know at the Staples store they actually have lists posted for a general grade which is cool.

For middle school

A folder for each class

A Binder or notebook with college ruled paper. By the way Teachers hate the kind you rip out and all the ric rac is left on the end. Get regular college ruled paper

Number 2 pencils with eraser tops

Blue and Black pens- some Tecaher sprefer a certain color over the other


white out


Thesauarus and dictionary

For your first day I suggest taking a backpack with some paper, folder, pencils and pens. The Teachers will let you know what you will need for the rest of the year or periodically you will get things on a "as needed basis".
It would help if you told the name of the school. You can got to the schools web site and look up school supply list. Or go to a local Wal-Mart and they have the school lists.
I am actually a 7th grade teacher and here is what I recommend to my students:

A duo-tang folder - has pockets on both sides and the clip going down the middle for loose leaf paper (each teacher on my team asks for this)

loose leaf paper


a composition book or notebook that will be dedicated to my class

a novel to read (to be kept in backpack at all times)

I would really suggest that you bring a folder for each class with paper inside on the first day along with a pen or pencil. Your teachers will most likely hand out their "suggested" materials list first thing. Don't think that you will be under-prepared because most teachers won't have you do real work the first couple of days anyways.

Hope this helps and good luck in the 7th grade!
you should have a list from your school that you need
That's weird. I'm going to 7th grade on the 27th too. Well, I'm not actually sure but I'm supposed to go to registration on Wednesday. So they'll probably give it to me there. They might give it to you the 1st day of school also.
You can go to www.schoolsuppliesnetwork.com and see if they have your school. =]
go to your school web site

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