At what age should you stop Trick or treating?

When you want to stop. I did it until I was 15.
14 or younger
when you feel your too old for it.
idk im 13 and im going trick or treating this year? i mean dude FREE CANDY! :)
I don't think there is a particular age necessarily. Every town has their own definition of normal. Here a lot of kids go through high school, I know a lot of seniors that have. Others stop at around sophomore year and after that just get together with their friends
I unno, i sometimes see high school kids trick or treating, I still go .:) Who dosen't want free candy?!?!
I think there's actually some sort of law about that, but I don't think it matters that much. I'm trick or treating this year, and I'm going to be sixteen. It's just fun to dress up. Don't let age limitations spoil your fun. Just be a kid, and eat lots and lots of candy and get cavities.
When Chuck Norris says so.
I stopped around 7th grade. But I have friends who still get dressed up and go out to trick or treat. And we're Seniors, btw.
**** that! NEVER!! but as you hit the middle of High School try to bring a little kid along you'll get more candy.
If you are a midget, you can go forever. Otherwise, I would say, oh, 11 or 12. Oh yeah, get the word out. IF THE FRONT LIGHT IS NOT ON, MOVE ALONG!
who doesn't want free candy? I still go and I am 15.
I am a mom and I feel that when you start Jr.High you are too old. It is for children and most kids don't want to be called a child once they hit jr high so there for don't act like it.
AND if you don't wear a costume DON'T GO TRICK OR TREATING. the point is to wear one.
I've never gone trick or treating.
I'd say about 13.
If your asking the question its probably because you don't feel comfortable doing it anymore. My son is 12 and he stopped last year. Said he thought he was too old.
Im 12 and im going. Im just going to wear an Naruto Anbu mask and walk around and get some candy with my little brother he is going to be 3 he just likes to wear a costume no candy for him
Im going trick or treating like free CANDII
I went trick-or-treating during 8th grade, it was fun, free candy and a bunch of pent up teens screaming for some fun after the first few months of school.

Lots of fun.

Just stop when it stops being fun for you, when the free candy isn't important and parties are more your thing.

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