As I am in 7th class so how should i study please advise me?

hey I am going into 7th grade too! I'm going to Owl Creek in Fayetteville, Where are you going? find a good study area (library) somewhere that doesn't have anything that can distract you, If you need put sheets on all of your stuff. work for 45 min. or so then take a 7-10 min. break, make the breaks shorter as you go, keep a snack at desk (apples, bananas, etc.). If you need help ask a relitive, and do the best you can, hope I helped, good luck, I might even see you in school =D
play less study more... takes good notes and pay attention in class. 7th grade was easy, I aced all the tests and I had 100 average in science thorughout the whole school year
Thats weird because 7th grade was my hardest year! I had all straight A's til then and I got my firt C! I'm going to 8t grade now so do this:
Don't study EVERY day only 3 times a week and for only 30 minutes at a time. To much studying can make you forget everything you learned
review what you learned each day and don't cram at the last minute, if it's out of a text book take notes from the book and make a study sheet.

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