*****what do you think about school!??*****?

Question:omg school registration is today! i hate school! it blows so bad! do you hate school-and just so you know i have to pay 85 bucks just to register in middle school in 7nth grade-how much crap is that!? what happened to free public school-or free education!? what do you think about it

i hate it it sucks...its only good for lunch period where you see your friends.
I think school is the most sorry excuse of a public gathering on the planet.
it is normal for boys and girls of you age to dislike school although many do not dislike school.

School takes you away from more pleasant activities, sometimes leads to boredom because the work is either too easy, too hard or repetitious.

Hopefully sometime in the future things may change for you. School is necessary. It teaches you many things. You meet new people and there are many social activites associated with most schools. It also is the future for you. it open up careers and knowledge.

Why arfe picking on the $85 . Is it an attempt to justify your dislike of school or a way of getting people to sympathize with you for waht you see as a terrible ordeal?

I'll bite your bait about the $85. What is it for? In most cases I would tend to agree with you. You said that: "i have to pay 85 bucks just to register in middle school in 7nth grade" Are you paying that money or are your parents paying?

By the way would you be able to write your question or read this answer if you had not attende school?

In any case relax a little and make the most that you van about your education.
I love school! I am going in to 8th grade and ever since I left Kindergarten I have loved school to death! I love math and reading. I'm not such a science fan. Let me just tell you this. If you will just go to school and make a lot of friends, ones that you can trust and rely on they will help you get through the school year. Just focus and do your best and you'll succeed!
i am in 7th grade too. but we don't have to pay. as for liking school it depends on the day and whois absent and if the teachers are in a good mood or a bad mood.

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