Anyone else getting AS or A-Level results tomorrow?

Question:Which subject are you waiting on and how do you think you've done?

I did AS Psychology (my third A-Level as a mature student) and it's the first one I've messed up. I'm predicting an E!

Yup, i am waiting for A-level results for my place at Uni. Did Physics, Product Design, Photography and Geography. Don't know how I have done, only time will tell. Good luck everyone!
If you have appiled to uni you can find out today if you got in. UCAS will tell you if you have been successful or not, though they can't tell you your actual A Level grades.
I'm getting my BTEC National Diploma results tomorrow and hopefully going to get into Durham University to do Biomedical Sciences, Good Luck Everyone!
crap they come out tommorrow? :P

took chemistry, physics, biology, maths.

think i got B,C,C,D.not sure which in which subject though. :S
No i'm waiting to get my GCSE results next week though! Good luck though! I hope you get good grades!
unfortunately i am getting my a level results tmro. i would happily forget about them and never know what i got! i need BBB to get into my uni and i think i've got more like CDD! eeeeeek. i wish eveyone good luck!
yeah im doing my statistics mathematics a year early(yr 11), its been hard! probably got a D or E!

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