Anyone else absolutely dreading A-level results tomorrow?

Question:I AM!! AHHHHHHHHHHH. i did biology, geography and sociology, and i KNOW i haven't got the grades i need!

OMG yes MEEEEEEEEEEE I did physics, english lit, music tech and chemistry. i KNOW I failed chemistry..prolly physics too =( luck
worry about it when they come, not yet..

u might be suprised.. who knows..

its not the end of the world , so don't fret so much =)
I am as my son gets his tomorrow!! I m more worried for him then I was for me.

Dont worry too much about thegrades until you know what they are.

Good Luck.
Hope you succeed and do what you want to do.
yep i get mine tommorrow!!
not really hugely fussed about them (lmao, no i dont think i've done very great!), but ahh well can always re-take,,, cant do anything about them right now.

man, people saying worry about them when they come?!?!
that advice scares me !! lol
I dont mean to worry you any more but have you read this

I've got my AS results out 2moz too. best of luck

we cant change anything now, so dont worry
YES! i am soooo scared. I did 4 A2s, Chemistry biology physics and sociology.

I got ABBC for my AS without really doing much but i feel like my luck ran out and ive messed up. Now my sixth form called up and asked if I'd like to speak to the local paper addressing my happiness-they expect so much of me and I was even science student of the year!

I have sooooo messed up. Now im counting my UMS over and over to see if i will be ok. Im pretty sure i secured Bs but its the SIXTY more UMS needed for As. ARRRGGHHH!! that bloody envelope *cries*
Hey there, you don't actually know what your results will be until you get them, but id like to say good luck to you and I hope you manage to achieve the results you are aiming for. If you don't then you should still be proud for trying and remember, Rome was not built in a day. Everyday is a learning curve so just you keep on trying.

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