9th grade school supplies? HELP ME?

Question:what school supplies would i need for 9th grade? they don't give you school supply lists.

You'll need your basic supplies just like you'd have in middle school. For the first day you should have a folder for each class, a one subject notebook for each class, pens and pencils. When you go to class, your teacher will tell you if you need anything extra. The only thing I needed extra as a freshman was a calculator for math and my math teacher told me exactly which one to buy for the class. Good luck and have fun! High school is great!
Same supplies you had in the 8th grade really...just take a look at the classes you'll be taking and take it from there. You could wait until after the first day of school to do your shopping, that way you will know exactly what you need and you won't get too little or too much.
If your school is like mine, they'll hand them out on the first day of school. I know its stupid, because all of the good stuff is gone by then, but they just do that. Um, I would suggest getting a couple folders and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BOOK COVERS!! They're normally all gone by the night of the first day. So go get them now, the usual green, blue, and red. Then if you don't even need them all this year, you'll have them for future years.
They don't give a list because every class is different. All you'll need your first day really is a notebook, pen/pencil, binder and folders maybe, and book covers, because you wont really be doing much on the first day. It's like the first day of every grade. Papers being handed out, teachers talking. You'll get a supply list for each class on the first day. Don't worry. It will be fine.
well i would just get a notebook for every class and then a few pencils/pens and like a file folder organizer thing. i really don't think you need that much cuz last year the 9th graders hardly had anything and they had good grades and everything.
well if you live here in Canada, you wouldn't need much supplies this year!.

all you would need is:
-a binder with some loose leaf (papers)
-a pen
-a pencil

i guess that's all (:

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