Any spanish teachers? Or anyone who thinks they know...?

Question:OK I'm a sophmore in HS and I am starting Spanish 3 this year...
I was wondering what I'm going to learn, and if you have any tips for success. I have alot of trouble studying for my tests and especially with verb conjugations and grammar.
Thank you!

flash cards
or take post its and write spanish vocab on them and post them around your room
ull be able to study when writing them and when you are in your room ull be able to study by reading them.
flash cards are good for nouns and verb conjugations! if you put everything in writing and look at it as much as possible you will have no trouble that's what learning languages are about getting them to be second nature
make sure you do your home work and understand it. I would also watch tv in spanish even though you might not understand everything. I would buy some spanish cds to listen while you drive.
That is how i learned english when i was younger.

you will do great as long as you want to learn and one more thing don't worry if you mess up because you will that is just part of learning.
1. try to find good spanish people (some are really mean)
2. never leave the classrom with a question the teacher is not going to bite and it shouldn't . but if your teacher doesn't do a good job explaining ask me
First of all guy above me we are Mexicans & not all of us are mean!
I'm 12 & have the nicest MEXICAN famila you will ever meet.
Ok so about your question you can...
*e-mail me at & I will help you
*pronounce them out
*use what you know
*some words sound the same or are spelled the same as the word in English so try that (Ex.gato/cat carro/car soda/soda...etc;)

Hope I have helped! ^_^

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