7th grade highschooler.?

Question:OK... I am going to high school this year and i need help! i'll be in the 7th grade and i am afraid of peerpressure, stress, and homework! what do i wear? what do i act like? what activites should i do? why do i have to be with seniors! please help me get organized! and prepared for the school year!

Wow, it would suck to be in the smae building with high schoolers while in 7th grade. But w/e. Just dress and act how you normally would, that way you don't have to think about pretending all the time and you will have more time to think aobut homework and things. Organization is hard for me too. I found that if you have one floder for each class and make sure you always put stuff into the right folder, it is way easier.
lol, i went through that... here was my plan:
i stuck with my friends, peerpressure is stupid, just remind ur self that ur better than them. there really isnt much stress unless ur in tons of groups like i was. homework is smaller and 7th grade was more of a breeze than 6th grade. act normal, dont worry, and forget seniors. you'll be ok. i remember when i was in the 7th grade i had a great teacher called ms.tromer. shed help out me and five other kids out all the time. the other five kids were my best friends and she was a really caring teacher. she'd help us out with school stuff, let us skip class to work on projects, and shed have our backs, she was awesome. you see in junior high you get a teacher in 6th/7th/ or 8th grade that you will like that will really help you out. 7th grade will be easy, be yourself.
im going to 8th grade, but dont worry about 7th grade. act normally, as u alwys have, and kee calm. stress, homework etc. are going to be a little higher for profesors will demand more, but dont worry. keep calm, and good luck! =)
kool your going to highschool ! don't worry everything is gonna fall in to place!

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