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Question:hi, i am currently living in new york city and i just graduate from high school, currently 18 years old. i decdied to join the national guard. therefore, i want to know if i want to work in finance field in the future after i got out from basic trainning and AIT which i will be 19 years old. can u guys give me any suggestion for what job i would be suitible when i finish my trainning and will my background of being a national guard help?
i am thinking about applying to a personal banker once i finish the trainnings, is there any better options?? thaks

The Guard is a wonderful place to begin your career as an adult. Give yourself the gift of time and experience: finish boot camp and AIT, then see how you feel. Finishing your training successfully will speak volumes about your character to any prospective employer. And it will change you. Another proactive step you can take is to practice always using good spelling and grammar, especially if you're thinking about entering the business world. Trust me, you'll be judged by how well you represent yourself on paper.

PS I think you are going to have a wonderful future. I commend you for thinking ahead and for being willing to work hard for what you want out of life.
Well - to be honest I don't think joining the National Guard is a good path to get you into the Finance Field.
It really depends on what you want. It seems as though you want to go to finance. I would go to college for business. NYU is a good school in new york city. Then, you could defiantly be in finance. You should skip the national guard but if it's what you really want, go ahead.
ask your recruiter
Continue staying in the National Guard and get a degree in Accounting or Finance, 2 year or 4 year program. You'll still be too young if your under 24 years old. EXPERIENCE is the name of the game. The National Guard with time will be an excellent REFERNECE for you too.
I don't think the National Guard would help you get in to the field of finance. Any position would indirectly help you, because employers always like to see discipline and leadership. The National Guard demonstrates both of these characteristics. It would also help you pay for school, get a degree in either finance or accounting.
I know you don't won't to believe me but go into the Military. At 19 you will need some help in your future. I know a War is on now but think about it..you can get a free education and do what ever you want..have a place to live..lights...food...can start your credit and see the world. You will have prestige and can get a much better job to secure your future. Never close a door without looking in to it..you have a short time to be Young an a long time to be old.

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