Back 2 school. hard classes!!!?

Question:Ok so i am taking a really hard class this year.. AP euro history.. i am really scared for this class. i heard its really hard and even though most of my friends are taking it. I wanna show my parents that i can handle it.. any suggestions on how to REMEMBER really hard facts and other tips on how i can pull and A off? Please helppp meeee! (im a sophomore btw)

Okay... I had an awesome world history teacher my senior year of High School and he taught me a way to take notes in History that is simply the best. Write down your notes and then take 4 different highlighters and highlight each type of note... people, dates, terms, and misc. (misc is percentages, numbers, etc.) Once you have highlighted each part according to what it is you seperate each section onto its own page of notes having the term/person/date/misc in one column and the information on it in the second one, like a vocabulary sheet. Once you are done with this you will have 4 different sets of notes that you can study easily. He ran this class just like a College history class and I came out with an A+ because I followed his way of doing the notes.
Make up silly little rhymes and songs that you can recite to yourself when it comes to exam time.

It always helped me.
I'm taking that course too and I feel exactly the same as you.
I don't know why I decided to take it now.. I had the same willingness to prove myself to others..
but it seems really dark ahead now, you know?

but it's too late now.
just look forward and do your best, and everything will be fine.
Flash cards.
I cannot stress how much flash cards help.
Also, make sure that you do put aside enough time to study.
Never rush yourself when studying, because in doing so, you are hurting yourself and your future grade.

((Also, a highlighter is always a great help.))
Well, you will need to studie a lot when your in class .. make sure you pay attention no matter what (For studying try 30 minutes a night) And do your homework whenever you got a project to give or something make sure you do it right away instead of at the last minute so your prepared. Also when the teacher is talking make sure you have a pen and paper to right down some stuff she says and then take a look at it that night... even if its notes you dont copy. Trust me it will help a lot
Good Luck!
what i do is i make flash cards and have one of my friends that are in the class with me help me study that way you both get some studying done btw it helps if you aren't stressed so just take one day at a time and breathe =] i hope thats what you were looking for
If you are reading from the the textbook, or your notes, pay attention to "who, what, when, where, and why": Who are the main historical subject(s)? What actions, developments, or events are being described? When and where do the events being described take place? Why are the actions, developments, or events considered historically significant?

***This saved my days in history classes!
I am taking the same class and even harder classes with it. The secret to this is read, don't just read your text book read books on Europe and what you are currently doing. In my class we are doing the renaissance and i am reading about it too. Also you shouldn't please anybody but yourself and don't upsest over grades.
make a song up with those words
Write it down again and again
get your friends to test you

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