Any ice breakers for first day of school?

Use gum or mints, just put one in your mouth, and when someone looks, just offer it and start by saying things about them (ie. How was your summer? You look so tan).
Then bring the focus to you by attempting to relate (ie. Cool, You went to the beach, I love the beach, I went to Europe).
If you know someone,approach them and see how thier summer went.Be interested in them and what they did.If they would rather hear about you and your summer;tell them.
Practice what it is that you want to talk about in your head.Then talk about that.
Act as if they would like to hear what you have to say.
If they do not want to hear about it,look around and find someone who might.
Do what a good poitician does,go out there and schmooze.
Compliment outfits. Ask where they got it. If it is a store u like say so. If they have a designer bag, ask if its real, etc. use what the situation provides

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