A school play for primary school kids, where can I find ideas?

Question:The kids are Mexican students learning English.


Just go to your local library and speak with the childrens' librarian. She'll have many resources.
There really are not that many good ones out there - usually pretty cheesy. The best luck I had was taking a story and as a class, writing a play based on that story. Class involvement and better understanding of the topic.

If you are just putting on a show - I hate to tell you - your better off writing your own.
children or their parents may know a Mexican play that they can make it into English?
how about a play about a Mexican holiday they would be excited about that
How about Chicken Little "Help, the sky is falling" - that story.

or Goldilocks and the three bears. YOU write the words since you know what areas the Mexicans need for review. Lots of repetition in Fairy Tales.

Or try the Mexican Cultural History sections of the librbray for their OWN fairy tales/folk legends. Make it in English and the parents will be delighted.

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