Back to School Help!!?

Question:I was wonderin if anyone has any back to school tips. They can be about anything study tips or managing homework. Anything you think helps! Help!!

Buy a planner! I don't leave the house without mine. You can keep track of your assignments, plus stuff with friends, EVERYTHING. It's soooo helpful. I don't think I could live without mine, my life's in that little book. =D
try to get as much as you can done in class. Study in advance some teachers like to do pop quizes.
Pay attention in class. Take organized, easy to read notes. And don't be late for class.
carry something like a small notebook or notepad to class to write down your homework assignments and test dates so you dont forget about the homework or come in unprepared cuz you forgot about the test.
do as much homework as you can in your free periods, study halls, homeroom you can have more time for yourself after school.
take good notes and try to pay attention.

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