Are you ready for school?

Question:Yes or No?

No. I start September 5th and I still have so much to do. I still need to get pretty much all my supplies, do my clothes shopping and mentally prepare for... everything. I'm really stressed. ARG!
i went back to school about 3 weeks ago
No.. our school will start tomorrow..
i wud like to go to school coz we r gonna meet our friends again and have fun but don't like to go to sit and study there.
Went back on thursday
Went back to school monday, and it was fun to see friends
I started two weeks ago and I'm still not ready.
It's hard getting used to not sleeping in.
no i was expelled years ago
Yes.Because I was always the Top 1 in our class.But I am not a NERD ok...And I am always cool.Cause I am half French and half Filipino.
My school started 4 weeks ago.a school is an institution where students (or "pupils") learn while under the supervision of teachers. In most systems of formal education, students progress through a series of schools: primary school, secondary school, and possibly a university , vocational school or a college. A school may also be dedicated to one particular field, such as a school of economics or a school of dance. In homeschooling and online schools, teaching and learning take place outside of a traditional school building
i started school last monday, and when i did. i would say yes.
i went to skool like 3 weeks ago and i wasnt ready....this yr really sucks the principal and vice principal are new and there fuckn b iches

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