~~~Why do people do this at school???~~~?

Question:Like...they're in their desks...and start fidgeting!! Like...that annoying fidget that guys do a lot...where they move a leg up and down...HAVE ANY OF YOU NOTICED THIS??? WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS???

Some people find it hard to sit still for long, and moving can actually help them learn better. If their learning style is kinetic (hands-on), most teachers don't teach that way, so this helps them retain informtaion. Just try not to look, if they're making noise that is distracting (like tapping a pencil), ask them nicely to stop.
They are board, and they find a way to entertain themselves.
Why don't you just not look?
oh yes i know what u are talkin about...it really annoys me too and especially when they are wearing wind pants it is worse. Some people just cant sit still for long periods of time
I do stuff like that because I'm extremely bored. School isn't exactly fun, you know.
BORED...Most ppl cant just sit still for long periods of time without moving a little bit. You see the ppl that bob their foot up and down or tap it on the floor. The ppl who tap their pencil on the desk. Basically everyone does it..its just some ppl's bored habbits are more noticeable than others.
lol lol, i am a fidgeter and all i can say is that its completely unconscionable, like i notice myself doing it and then might stop. But really it helps me focus i know it sounds weird, but i hate staying still unless i am doing something. And its a great way to burn 70 calories an hour. lol, SORRY PEOPLE THAT GET IRRITATED BY OUR HABITS, we just can't help it
they r idiots

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