Are public schools better than private?

Question:what are your thoughts?

yea its free
and my public school is the best public school in the state of Massachusetts! i'm not just saying that, i mean like we've had the highest SAT and MCAS scores and best grades and stuff like that

loads of kids from my school have gone to Harvard, Georgetown, brown, tufts, etc.
i like public better especially the highskools
are you serious... any school is better than public schools.
i prefer private smaller enviorments an less drama to deal with, i feel a child can have better interation with the teachers in privte schools
Students in public schools tend to be exposed to more. I have been to both public and private an i think that public are more fun and not as strict, but as far as learning goes i would go with the private
No. Especially since the public schools are over-crowded. Too many kids, not enough teachers.
Yeah. Private schools are too boring!
public schools are different kinds of people.whereas private school is mosltly rich people....teachers are all the depends if they like teaching or not
It depends on the public school. My town has some amazing public schools filled with great teachers and fairly reasonable class sizes. Class sizes are not an issue if you have teachers willing to come in early or stay late to help you out one on one. The whole public schools have more diversity, that's a town by town thing. My town is not very diverse, but because of this we have a program that brings kids in from New York that have great academics and allow them to study at our school and live in our town.Overall I have never had a problem with the public schools in my area and I feel like I'm getting just as good of an education as my friends in private schools.
It really depends on what you mean by 'better', so I'll just give the pros and cons of each. The public high school I attend have a lot of rowdy guys who yell swear words in the halls, pull pranks, stuff like that. And the popular 'prep girls'...God, they're just terrible. The overcrowding is a big problem too. Not to mention the education isn't as good as you can find in private schools.
On the up side, it's free, which is great for families with financial problems. We're given more chances to express ourselves, instead of being forced to wear ugly uniforms like I had to do in my Christian elementary school. The teachers aren't as 'uptight'--they don't yell at you to tuck in your shirt, or things like that, like they did at my old school. You aren't as much pressure to perform perfectly (half good, half bad) from the teachers. I have a lot more friends in public school, mainly because we're given more ability to socialize with others.
There are a lot of pros and cons for both public and private schools... but here are some articles that weigh the options. I hope these help~~ (this article is similar to the one above, but includes readers' commentary. :3)

Hope that was helpful~~
I would think that private school is better since you get smaller classes. you get challenged more academically and you learn more. I would prefer to go to private school.
Its any1 opinion. Public Schools open u up to all sorts of people. Private Schools every1 is bout the same. Of course private schools have a better curriculum as som people would say. Public Schools gets people to interact more with each other.
There are pros and cons of both, but I'd definitely recommend a structured school setting (most public schools aren't like this, unless a charter public), but otherwise, I'd definitely recommend private, religious or some other type of school, due to children getting influenced by other's children's behavior, not very appropriate teachers (cussing in class, talking about what they did the night before (sometimes sexual, even in a joke), but it still isn't a way to have a teaching and school environment.

Good luck!
it depends on the city and the school system. if it is a good public school system, why waste money on a private school. i go to public school because my school system is good. i was in a good zoned elementary school and then i went to a gifted/advanced middle school and now i am going to the international baccalaureate programme for high school. if there are any special academies (like we have one for health, math/science etc) try out for them.
nope and if it has to do with the money go to a charter school! My school is charter and its basically private but free and they teach better than in private because it is chartered by u of m!
In my area, the public schools are best. More diversity, more AP classes, a save enviorment, a good music program, and good athletics. Though, in some areas, I would refuse to go to public school. It depends on your school, but you're an idiot if you say that all public schools are bad because they offer more activities and diversity than private school. Plus, they prepare you for real life, and don't censor what you learn.

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