Should I homeschool my Asperger's child despite adjectives the direction not to?

My eleven year old have just enter high college in the seventh status. She is absolutely miserable. She is a fundamentally academic minded human being, and gets flawless grades, but just can't function near peers. I know the socialization is good for her, but can't we find an alternative, resembling a good club or leisure she wants to be involved contained by?

Answers:    ABSOLUTELY!! The socialization she's getting from school does not work for kids on the spectrum most of the time. They don't cram by observing, they hold to be taught to read social cues, to deduce this world. Homeschooling works so well for kids near autism. I'm homeschooling my son, who is high functioning, and will be adjectives the way through. I'm on a Yahoo group call HS-Plus, and would strongly recommend you joining it. There are about 700 parents of kids beside special needs of adjectives kinds, they can answer any question you have. Often, anyone homeschooled helps them next to socialization, because they're not being bombarded near all the sensory input and social expectations, so that when you do whip them somewhere or they join a group, they are better competent to handle the stimuli and respond better to it.
A lot of homeschoolers gridiron to have consistent parents or tutors teach their nouns of specialty. You can network your child that agency, have her help yourself to some subjects in a group setting. I have an idea that you know your child best and are best equipped to make these decision, and anyway, it's not can always switch your mind later if it doesn't work.

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