Anyone know how to pepare for high school, freshman?

Question:I have the tite and fly clothes. But how do a Gangster like me, become known to the somphmores, juinors, and seniuors? My brother and sister are a j and a s how do I become known to the older students besides them two? Read my profile: Me and my brother are rivals. How can I become more well known than him?

A real "gangster" couldn't afford "fly clothes."

People prepare for high school by accepting who they REALLY are. Not pretending to be something they're not. I really, really hope that you change your ways, because honestly you seem pathetic.
Stop pretending to be a gangster, it makes you sound like an idiot.
dude its high school it either happens or it dosent im a seinor next year and ive been pretty well known for just some of the stupid stuff that goes around, just generaly be bad *** dont try to act like it cause if you try to act like it your just going to end up in a trash can show them that your not the average underclassmen

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