Advice for children of age 6 - 12?

Question:im the principle of a primary school, what advice should i give them during an assembly,its an Islamic school and in a remote area,please send me some tips.. thanks

I think a good general bout of advice would be to tell them to always be the best they can be. Everyone has the things that they are really good at, and things they aren't so good at, but so long as they are doing their best, they have nothing to be ashamed about.
You could talk from the 10 commandments, dont tell lies, dont steal etc.
You dont need to mention the words "ten commandments" cos i dont know if they have ten commandments in islam.
You don't specify where your school is ... that would have a great bearing on the advice you would give your children. But essentially, I'd go with the Golden Rule here ... Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Follow that, and all else will work out fine.

Now, as to another piece of advice, I would certainly want to be gently corrected if I had major grammatical errors in my language -- as I'm always wanting to improve. So, your question should have been written:
"I'm the principal of a primary school. What advice should I give them during an assembly. It's an Islamic school and in a remote area. Please send me some tips."

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