How can I be a nifty writer and still write painstakingly?

I want to be a fast writer , but still write well how can I do that?

and also sometimes when I write...I write under the lines for a time so it is not straight..I want my writing to be perfect and know how to be read..

and also how can I not leave spaces surrounded by my when I write the letter ' a ' I miss a slice when i write the letter ' a '..

and how can I still write swift and neatly when doing running writing?

I can't type it out..impose I have to do it at institution during lessons..and I can't bring it home any..

I do cursive already..but when I do it quickly..its still not in order..

and as I am the school chief .. I am out of class alot.. so when I go fund to class I have to write it at the double otherwise I have to copy from someone elses book.. which is unpromising ..

Answers:    Cursive is not required anymore in Secondary Education at lowest possible not in the Ohio community where on earth I live. The best way to write swiftly is to practice writing fast. You will increase a few words a minute if you practice twice a week. Now, bump that up to four times and you will be increasing to fifteen to twenty words a minute. That should seize you to where you want to be.
freshly make a simple word , close to
have = hv
communiqu¨¦ = lttr
must = mst
Oh my Good = omg
by the way = btw
and etc.
u must use a GEL PEN!!!

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