Alright..8th grade!! Haha its gonna be awesome!?

Question:Man for the first time in my life, I actually feel excited & confident about going back to school. Now that I realized that grades 1-7, I have NEVER gotten a F, D or a C at the end of the year, only A's & B's. NEVER. Plus , in 7th grade I was a better speller than my 7th grade English teacher, so yeah. So I guess im just gonna skool it like I do every year. The only thing im worried about is math. I really suck at it. Im not taking algebra, thank god. Im taking Math 8 which is a repeat of pre-algebra. But thats about it. Oh and I hate projects. I have a history of screwin up projects. When I hear theres a project, I get so stressed out. Any tips on that? But I just wanna play basketball with mah boys, talk, you know get to meet some new ladies. I think its gonna be awesome.

you sound like you're going in with a great attitude, which makes things soo much better. math 8 is fairly easy, and if you have questions, ask them. when you get a project, just get it done with. it's the easiest way. then you'll be able to relax and have fun while everyone else is doing it last minute, and you'll feel better. if you keep this attitude up, you're going to have a great year!
wellllllll i just came out of eighth grd and am going into high school tomorrow. and yess i am sure eighth grd is going to be funn for you if you continue to do well .
as for the projects, i have a similar problem. i put them off til the last minute. well here is a tip: if you have a planner (you should have one) usually there is a page with a calendar on it. mark down the assignment date and due date o your project, then in the days in between record how much progress you think you should make.
then, when you write your assignments down in the columns of the planner, flip to the calendar and copy down what you should have done that day for the project, just like you would copy down the math homework.
that should help you stay organized.
as for math. omg! i know. i suck too. but its okay. as long as you're in the right level class, the teacher will review things more carefully and try to get you to understand it.
good luck! have funn!
If you take Math 8, you'll end up doing Algebra next year anyways, and then Geometry, and Algebra II. You should just get Algebra done with here. That's what I did.
lol im going to the 8th grade as, and i am as excited as u are, cause with projects i LOVE doing them i just always have the perfect idea, and if u need any help at all, just tell me and i would love to help out. i cant wait to meet the new hotties in school...(i wish there is gonna be some) and what school do u go to? kk mail me some time and we can to u later ;)

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