As a person working with school kids, what is a good way to?

Question:start out the year to show them they can't push you around?
(Non-violent please - LOL)

Unfortunately, this is not always an easy thing to do. Just remember--it's a lot easier to start out tough and get nicer as the year goes on, than to do it the other way around. Walk in to the classroom on the first day with confidence and a straight-forward, no-nonsense, firm attitude. Let everyone know what the rules, expectations, and consequences will be, and stick to them!! Do not give students too much leeway in the beginning -- maybe none at all. Follow through on consequences consistently and don't make threats that you know you won't or can't keep. And don't be afraid to call parents if necessary. The parents need to know that you don't mess around, too.

On the other hand, you want to make sure that students know that you care about them and that you will listen and try to be understanding. If you can strike a good balance between all these things by being firm yet kind and understanding, you'll be golden. Now, as someone who was a teacher in some pretty rough schools for 3 years, I know that this is a lot easier said than done. It's one of those things that will get easier with time. Good luck! Remember -- confidence.
Hi, what has worked for my teachers in the past is to show them you can be nice. You can be a pal, BUT if they do show any disrespect then let them know of the consiquences. You need to show them the two sides of you. Never threaten and then not do it. For instance a kid takes something without asking you tell him if he does it again then it's an automatic 5 point reduction. He does it again you take away the five points. I had a teacher who would yell, and scream, and threaten the kids with detentions. They continued and she never gave them those detentions.

If you respect them they will learn to respect you. Good Luck!
Well simply put perhaps you should go in there and take no prisoners lol, don't let them push you around and be stern and affirmative.


take a less traveled road and use positive reinforcement. be friendly with them but let them know your in charge

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