Any Pointers?

Question:o.k i'm going to be a sophomore at a military high school this will be my first year there can anybody give me any tips on what i'm going to be doing or what i can do to make a good impression?

There's only one approach that works at military schools:

Get Gung Ho! The infantry motto is: "Follow me!"

So you have to establish yourself as a leader. You're the one smiling when everyone else is complaining.

Running and PT doesn't both you. It feels good!

Avoid cliques. Keep to yourself. While the talk is all about teamwork and working together, you are nonetheless alone. Conquer yourself. Be your own friend.

There's an old saying:

"The only way to get along with the Army is to love it!"
study hard
make friends
good luck
Be respectful, be on time, be neat and organized. Always being respectful and these other ideas helps create an excellent first impression, which is a must ! If you want to be on the teachers good side. Hope this helps!
If you're going to a military high school, chances are you had behavior problems and you're being sent to this school for reform. 1) DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD TO DO!!! 2) Be on time to everything. 3) Say "yes sir", "no sir", "yes ma'am", or "no ma'am" to people of authority. 4) Keep your living area CLEAN!!!
study hard yes
Be really friendly. Then people will want to come talk to you and will want you to sit by them at lunch.
Also, put yourself out there and talk to new people!

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