Any high school students who have been teacher's assistants?

Question:Did you receive training before you started? Were you ever asked to enter attendance and/or grades in the computer? Any crazy stories of stuff that happened while you were a T.A.? Why did you take a T.A. position?

I didn't really have any "training", I already knew the teacher and had taken the class though.
I was :) training? no. No, you aren't allowed to mess with grades. Attendance only every once in a while, and usually only if there was a sub. I was a T.A. in 8th grade for a 5th grade class and it was crazy! The only story that comes to mind was one day when this kid was leanin back in his seat and fell out backwards and busted his head open. That was a crazy day! I took the position because I want to be a teacher when I graduate, and it was lots of fun.
I was asked to be one by my music teacher. My grandmother said, Absolutely Not!" and it's a good thing because he turned out to be a sexual predator!
Yeah... my school goes from 4th-12th grades. I was TA for a 5th grade class. I hated it so much, he had me correct stacks and stacks of papers. Papers that I had to correct, record on paper, and put into the computer. I did all this work for him and he didn't give me anything for graduation. Not even a congratulations. And there was this one girl that would always come up to me when I did have a couple of minutes of free time, and was playing my gameboy DS, asking if she could play.

By the way... I did this in my senior year.
Well, in order to be a CERTIFIED teacher's aid, you need a degree. But as an assistant, you don't. I have been assisting teachers in elementary schools for 3 years, and I love it. I did not recieve training, but my parents had connections, so I knew a lot about education and I got into a great place. I was asked to enter attendance, and bring it down to the main office. I have used the computer as well. Crazy stories? Haha, I remember one that wasn't crazy, but really unforgettable. There was a boy who had been home schooled all his life, and was unable to read. I sat with him one-on-one and I seemed to help him a lot. When the class took their first major test later on that year, I sat with him the entire time and he did a great job with just a little bit of my assistance. It was amazing. I took the position really for it to look good on college applications. But as I did it more, I realized I was in it for the kids.
No training necessary to be a T.A., you usually don't do anything that would require it. I got to grade papers off of an answer key and take attendance (collected by another T.A. and taken to the office). As a T.A., I got to learn more (biology and French) and sometimes got to goof off. My bio teacher never recorded if I was gone or late - I got in an accident on the way to school one morning, but he counted me as there. No crazy stories though.
I help my gym teacher with elementary classes, with my best friend. I love helping out, and it's a big help for my teacher. I didn't do any training, I just asked if he needed help. I don;t think he'd ever let me enter grades into the system, but he lets me file stuff, and organize the storage rooms.
Nope. I just asked the teacher if I could T.A. for them and I had to make sure they didn't already have a T.A. during that class (my school doesn't let teachers have 2 T.A.'s in the same period). I didn't enter grades, etc. into the computer - I pretty sure that T.A.'s aren't allowed to do anything grade-related on the computer. Anyway, I just corrected assignments and recorded them into a gradebook, ran errands, go the teacher's mail from the office, etc. Sometimes, I had free time to do my homework for other classes. I took the position because I needed a class to fill my schedule.

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