10th Grade.?

Question:hmm... How was being a Sophmore? Was it a year of stress or total understanding? Alot of homework?
Any advice for someone going into 10th grade...


First of all, it's SOPHOMORE. (note the "o" in the middle)

Second, it was a lot of fun. I came out of my shell more and had fun just being myself. Yeah there's more homework. But it's nothing that you can't handle. Getting together with friends and doing homework and studying together really helped me.

Advice - just have fun! You only have 3 years left in high school. You will miss it when it's over...believe it or not.
It was one of the best ones. You are now experienced with a year in you in High school. You know how things operate and how teachers will be like. Also you aren't in a grade where a lot of stress happens such as Junior year (thinking of college) or Senior year (Senior projects, colleges, prom, etc). The homework you get is just a little more than frosh year, but not in great amount.

I seemed to be stressed free in my sophmore year. Only true thing I worried about was getting my driver's license.
just be cool and dont let the teachers get 2 u
I am starting 10th grade too.
My friend is a Junior now and says that 10th grade is like 9th. Except you now get to pick on the incoming freshmen.

Don't worry about it.
It's not too different from freshman year. More work, though, and the teachers expect you to know how things work around school.
actually its hard work...if you wont good grades...work up there.monkeys cant always do all the work for you...yeah so its actually study study study and do good on tests...but its really fun

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