Any advice? Is it hard?

Question:I'm only going into 9th grade and im 14 years old. In 8th grade i took Honors Earth science which is a 10th grade course. They are offering 9th graders AP Environmental Science and i signed up for it this coming year. It's a college course. I am so nervous if i fail, or get stuck and can't do it, or I get stressed sometime in the year. Not only that but its transitioning from middle school to high school AND im taking honors spanish, english, social studies, and math. Basically EVERYTHING. Any advice to get through this year. Should i stick with all the classes or switch into regular ones.

By the way, in teh honors earth science class, my final average was a 94.

Please Help!

wow well good for you! it hinkyou will do fine, but my only suggestion wouldb e to only take 2 of the 4 AP classes just so that you don't get overwhelmed. next year in tenth grade after you get the hang of high school and if you are up to it then tatke a full load of AP classes. wow , im proud of you good job you!
I'm the same age as you, although I live in TX. I understand what you feel, ask your principal/counselor/teacher, whoever, if you can be removed from that class, if you feel that is what you have to do. However, many colleges drool at the sight of someone like you who has taken several advanced classes and hopefully is also athletically involved too.

Hope this helped!!
Hi, it sounds like you are a very good student, that is wonderful! Based on your past performance, I think you'll be just fine in the AP Science course. Just curious, why the push to take all of the advanced coursework? Is there a benefit to you? What are you plans for college? Do these advanced courses help you obtain some kind of scholarship? Are your parents pressuring you? Maybe the answers to these questions will help you make the right choices. If you decide to go for it, have confidence and believe in yourself. It may take more effort but you CAN succeed! Best wishes.
I would personally keep the honors classes, but hold off on AP classes until 10th grade. Of course the decision is completely up to you.

I did this last year and it made it easier to just get used to high school. Next year, though I will be taking a few AP classes and, after that, I will be taking IB classes.
Whoa. You should considering dropping one honors and taking a regular. It's only freshman year and it's going to be hard on you enough as it is without all those honors classes. Maybe change the least important class. Wait till you get used to high school and everything. You have 3 other years of high school left to take all those honors/AP classes. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

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