~~~Is it normal at age 15 to be insecure?~~~?

Question:Other people seem to have it together already. I think they're just putting on an act though. Also, is it normal to not have many friends either? I've kind of been sitting alone at lunch. Teachers and administrators say "Hi" to me though. All my old friends seem like they're trying to be popular (I don't fit in with that crowd). What are your experiences??? Input??? Anyone??? never had a bf either normal?

Sweetie, you are absolutey normal.. Those people who seem to have it all together are just putting on an act.. Since your a teenager your hormones are going through changes. Its nothing to be worried about. And just to let you know, you can only maintain a handful of truly really close friends. b/c you have to put time into relationships. High school is all about fitting into the cliques and trying to be like everyone else. and you'll find out soon enough that being yourself is the most rewarding thing in the world. I was like you in high school. I had a few friends but yet i was no where near popular. I didn't have the best clothes. I didn't have a boyfriend until i was a sophmore. and it was such a mistake. He used me and being that I was so insecure I fell for him over and over again. I completely regret putting myself through that. It took me so long to get over that abuse. Until I met my husband. I'm 23 now. I have a beautiful daughter and a husband and we love each other unconditionally. I am so blessed. And you know what i do run into the "popular people" from high school sometimes. and they are so lame, can't find a job and are always ALWAYS at the bar. So don't worry about them. You are completely normal. Just believe in yourself and know that your future can be so much greater than those few years in high school. GOOD LUCK!!
dont worry, it is okay to be insecure. try some things to fit in with everyone better. freshman year i was kind of a loner too, and after a while you will begin to fit in with everyone. no worries about the lack of friends. its normal for you to only have a few close friends. half of the people you talk to during high school, you will never even see again! high school a lot of the time people try their hardest to fit in with everyone, so just try to fit in too! find a friend who you can relate to and maybe he/she will help you to make new friends! good luck =)

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