Any tips for a homeschooler entering high school?

Question:This is going to be my first year taking academic classes at public school, so I was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of before I start classes.

Well, you certainly have a challenge ahead of you. But not one that is not do able. One thing is that you are likely going to be ahead of a lot of your classmates, academics wise. Understand this, but make a point not to act snotty or rude. Also, since you are used to the home school environment the classroom is going to be an ajustment for you. Teaching is often impeded by behavioral interruptions and you may find it hard to focus in a room full of loud and obnoxious urban teenagers. Depending on where you live this may or may not be serious problem.
In public schools there is a social hierarchy that is dynamic and kind of hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it before. You will notice that people have a certain circle of friends, or clique, with whom they socialize. This group is defined by a number of things, similar people often making up a single small or even very large group. Those who play certain sports, like football, basketball, or cheerleaders often stick together. Race can be a factor, the Asian kids or Hispanic kids have their own social circles. Animosity can break out between groups. You may take a while to find where you fit in.
As a freshman you may not experience this yet, but dating often becomes ridiculously serious for highschoolers. You have couples who have been together for semesters or even years. Be careful expressing any crush that may develop if the individual is in a relationship. It may make you stigmatized for trying to "steal someone's man (or woman.)
listen to the teachers, they can be real asses. but also make friends don't be shy, just act like yourself. if they don't like you for who you are then, they are just shallow and you deserve better.
good luck in high school. :]]
I don't know if you ever went to school before or not. I went to school up to grade 3 and I've been homeschooled ever since. I'm in 12th grade now. I go, however, to a school to get extra English also. I am a Christian too. If you are, just be careful that you don't get into the wrong crowds. There's many of them. Also, what you did in school may be ahead of what the school's books are at or perhaps behind. YOu'll have to adjust. You want to take lots of notes. It's never crazy to take as many notes as you can or to be as smart as you can. You want to have some kind of learning once you get out. Also, remember, it'll be hard to fight for your beliefs but don't lower your standards. Stick hard with it and fight. Try to encourage others around you. And considering you were homeschooled, and it probably didn't take as long to do school,it may be easier but don't get lazy. It's gonna get harder, especially science and math, or at least it was for me. So, I hope that helps, from homeschooler to homeschooler.

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