Any advice at all on how I can make friends at freshman orientation?

Question:This is kind of long, but please read it
I just had my first day of freshman orientation, and it didn't go very well (at all). Can anyone give me any advice on how to make tomorrow go better?

I'm going to a high school where I know about 2 people in my grade, none of whom I like. I'm sort of an introverted person, and I don't like to risk imposing myself on people, so I spent the entire day hanging out with one of the girls I know (who is really strange and very annoying) and her equally strange and annoying friends. I really don't want to spend freshman year standing around awkwardly or hanging out with people I don't like. But by now everyone knows each other and has made friends.

Any and all advice is appreaciated a lot :o)

I am a freshman too, so I understand what its like. Start by saying hi to people by your locker and whoever you sit next to in your various classes. High School is different so its easier to make friends because there are so many people. hope this helps!
just talk to people i remember my first year in highschool alot of people are in the same boat u are depending on how big the school is but normally several different schools are feeding into the highschool and imean yeah u are going to have the popular people but you are also going to have people just like u dont worry have fun thats what highschool is about

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