Are u guys ready for school?

Question:im not wish there was more vacation

some days when i'm extremely bored and stuck at home cooking and cleaning.

and then i REALLY wish summer's longer when i have to do my AP assignments and what not..
boring summer anxiety for high school ...hmmm its in between but I'm just gonna let things happen in the speed they're going with no rush in my mind or no lag
i am totally not ready... i have to read 2 books... one for history which is like 450 pages and the other for english which is like 350. yupp... and i'm going to IB classes..
thanx betchh
yea but im not ready for drama and graduation garbage =/
Nervous person here!
Don't understand why I'm nervous, but I am.
Well, Good Luck 2 all aspiring students!
Nope, not at all =].
I'm going into French Immersion again, which was difficult last year, and is sure to be even more difficult this year. And I'm really bad at speaking French, I can barely hold a conversation if at all, and my accent is awful.
Plus, I'm getting a TERRIBLE teacher for French AND Geography (or rather, "Geographie"), so that'll suck.
I feel like Summer is one big hourglass, and the sand seems to go slowly at first, but then it goes faster and faster until there's none left.
I haven't gone to school since March.
I am so anxious. I want to start school already.
man I h8 summer it goes by in what seems like a day but school seems to b a life time.

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