At school I'm a Junior in high school?

Question:and a senior is stalking me what should i do??

Wow im only a freshman..

yeah i had a stalker problem last year in eighth grade. Every hallway i was in, i'd see him and he'd walk by me and i'd get shivers down my spine. EEK! I couldn't do anything about it so my advice to you is to either ignore it, or tell one of your brave friends to come up to the senior and tell him to stop stalking you. My friends did that and he stopped. ahah i know how you feel. Having a stalker drives me CRAZY. x_x
Go to the office
Tell the principal you shouldnt talk to this guy you should try to ignore him does your school have a therapist maybe he should go there.
Tell your principal, your counselor, your teachers, and your parents. Immediately!!
tell him to get the f*** away from you, and get your friends to do so also. I had the a similar problem my sophomore year, only with a frosh. He finally got the point after I, along with my friends that he would ask about me would tell him to stay away from me.
=/ tell him to **** off right before skool then see wut his reaction is then go to the office
Do you know the guy? Once a guy stalked me.. and I got quite annoyed of it so i just flirted and hung out with aLOT of guys and he stopped. Then he started stalking some other girl. Point is, he might like you, so you gotta show him you have no interest whatsoever in him. And if this keeps on just talk to the guy say something like Can I help you? Do you need something? Hopefully he'll get the point that he needs to back off.
This happened to my sister. Go to a principal or counselor. A woman might understand more. I'm sure somebody will be glad to help, since this is a serious situation that can affect your school life A LOT. Also, carry Pepper Spray...if you're aloud to at school...If he tries to attack you or can spray him.

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