Back to school 6th grade tips?

Question:I need fashion tips.But not for clothes.I have a uniform so can you help me with jewelery.Also for decorating my locker.Especially the locker!! And help me survive with homework. I'm also in yearbook club.Was it a good idea to sign up for that?What do you do in yearbook club?How long does homework normally take? 1 hour?2 hours?And does being in yearbook club after school add preasure to
homework?Thanks for your answer in advance.

Girl, you need to calm it down. 6th grade... that's nothing. Once your in high school or college... your gonna wish you were back in 6th grade. So have fun !

As for your uniform, i had to wear a uniform and i still do... just wear any jewelery. Match it with your shoes and sweater. Unless you have a very strict uniform policy where you can't even wear your own shoes and sweater...
You can also where hair stuff (headbands, clips, hair tie...).

Your locker... go to Target, or anywhere where they sell school supplies. Sometimes they have locker decor, like shelves, and mirrors. I think you should tape up lots of pics of you and your friends. In my school, people hung up air fresheners on the hooks cause the lockers stunk the first time they got em. If you share a locker with your friend, you can write messages to each other using colorful post it notes. Or you can write notes to yourself, like reminders and things. It adds color to your locker...

Yearbook club. could be fun, could be boring. Depends on the teacher, and people who are in it. I never was in the yearbook club... but i plan on joining this year. Being in clubs look great on recommendations... it helps you get into a good high school. I'm not exactly sure what you do in yearbook club... except take pictures. That's why in yearbooks... those candid shots.. their of people who are friends of people in the yearbook club.

Homework... depends on your teachers, how much work you have, how much you understand it, and how focused you are. When i was in 6th grade, i didnt have any strict teachers, i got a fair amount of work, i understood it well, but i'm not such a focused person. That's why it would take me an hour to do a simple sheet of homework. So focus, don't put it off till the last minute, and you'll be fine.

They could let you do homework in yearbook club. If they dont, relax. It shouldnt add pressure on your homework. However, if you feel you can't handle it, then you'll have to drop the club. Grades come first.
6th grade homework? At most homework takes 1 or 2 hours. It's good that you are joining yearbook club. I think it's good. As for jewelry, I would prefer gold (or fake gold) looking jewelry. For your locker... get a locker mirror and put up pictures of your family and friends ! Get those decorations that teachers use. Have fun in 6th grade !
Calm Down.6th is supposed to be fun cuz the real drama comes in 7th.Have fun and take it easy..
look just relax and you'll do fine. you need help with your locker?? put in things that shows who you are and you be great
well in montbello we dont really get homework, so all we wottied about was fashion...wear whats in and you will do fine!
I am going into 6th grade too, so I hear from some people that home work is 1 to 2 hours long.
For fasion, choose like big jewlery(if they allow it) or like a gold watch.
For lockers, I would go with bright wrapping paper, magnets, a pencil holder, and maybe a shelf depending on the size (the ones we are getting are huge!)
The yearbook club was fine, it will give some thing to do at or after school.

P.S. Homework for you may take less time, because I go to school in the top district in Illinois, Minooka.

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