Any 1 frm class 10(cbse board). i need ur help?

Question:i need help regarding social science project .it has to be submitted in the 2nd week of oct. i wanna ive my best. i know the topoics. but still if ur an artist or so, pls help .i'll be grateful to u!!!!

the best way that i will suggest u is to keep ur work neat and clean... Draw a line with a pencil where ever the topic ends. Try to keep it precise and to the point. dont try to compile more and more pages as it makes the teacher irritate and he might cross question u on that.
A project should be full of facts and figures and to the point also. try to stick as many pictures as u can related to the topic. Try to make a hand written project because it show your dedication towards it. key point don't miss out to make a content page, aknodlegment, preface, sources from where have taken the data and number each page so that u can use it in index.. Try these guidelines i m sure u will get above 95% in it.. In this class they are actually not looking towards ur knowledge or how much u knw. they just check ur patience and how a student works under pressure.
me being a managment student, i m use to give these kinds of projects, reports and presentations on and off at a regular basis.. The purpose of this you will get to knw in a more relevent and crystal clear manner when you enter in your graduation... Trust me just keep an eye on small small things and definitely they will make a huge difference... u can also search on goolge and see different different kind of reports,projects and also do's and dont's. if u still face ne problem let me knw. i wld be delightful to help u. best of luck bro.
i m in 11... have done my share of projects in sst .. got full marks too..
just be neat and position things properly... with grt handwriting.

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