Anyone ever spanked with a paddle in school? By bf says he got it with a wooden paddle full of holes, and it?

Question:hurt like hell...anyone else experience that?

Thank God that I was never paddled in school.

However, when I was in elementary school it was still common for the teacher to paddle boys in front of the class. Girls were paddled in the office.

I could see that the paddling was very painfull. Most boys would cry.
In the 3rd grade I got swatted with a wooden paddle w/ holes in front of the whole class. I forgot to take my homework home. That teacher was a bit**. If I knew then what I knew now she would have gone to jail. That was so uncalled for. That was like 1972 and abuse wasn't an issue then as it is now. Yes it hurt like hell and was humiliating too.
No. And I'm hoping a teacher didn't do ths to your friend.

Sometimes when they are kids starting out into a new level like high school or something they get " Hazed In" and being paddled is one way. Thats what i haerd. But thats mostly for boys where I live. Girls get Poker Dabbed. ( With those bingo markers.)
they do that at my skool. ive only been there for like 3 days (cos ive just started high skool) but my 2 oldest bros have gotten it before.

apparently its like thesorest thing on earth.

im seriously hoping i dont get it!

Elinor xxxxx
Yes, this was quite commmon

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