What would be some hazard for psychologists, work-wise?

im doing a project on psychologists, and was hopingif anyone have any answers for this cuz it's the only one that i haven't be able to answer so far..thanxx= )

Answers:    Psychologists work lacking knowing if they are being successful a colossal part of the time. Thus, within addition to one a deeply stodgy experience, the job can be at times "difficult and frustrating." Psychologists must be self-disciplined within that they cannot give surrounded by to their feelings and speak their mind, as one and only the patient get to do that. So if they see that a patient is of late not using common sense, or is delude themselves for example, they can't just influence so.
Psychologists are irked by the misconception that "doing therapy" is just a thing of having a friendly, genus, and helpful conversation. Therapy is grueling and requires the most comprehensive clinical training you can find. One downside to mortal a psychologist is that their own well-being is often artificial by hearing other people's problems adjectives the time.
Perhaps one hazard of working as a psychologist/therapist is dealing next to a patient that shows aggressive behavior such as physical confrontation -- hitting, punching, spitting. Verbal agressiveness such as name-calling and aggravation may also be a risk that therapists must buy and sell with. The mental vigour field is said to enjoy a high burn-out rate due to the temperament of their work especially for those in social work.

For common career info: http://www.bls.gov/oco and dig out 'psychologists' or such. Just fyi, most psychologists require a ph.d/doctorate though you may already be aware :)

US colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ
Hazards as in problem? Well, someone who works as a psychologist must hold on to a straight face, or persona. I myself find it hard to keep hold of my character when I look up to a certain personage because I assimilate his character unconciously. When engagement with unstable characters as contained by mad, angry, heartbreaking, or suicidal people, it may vary the psychologists' perceptions of natural life if they're of weak will and/or behaviour.

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