Americans, is this true?

Question:I'm British and i've read somewhere that in America in high school you have to use communal showers in PE is this true?!

Okay, okay.yeah, its true. But its not like there's this one shower head and everyone crushes together at once to get under it.

First, there's a shower room for the boys and a SEPARATE room for the girls. Then, in each room, there's a long stall with 10-20 different shower heads, one for each individual.

Its just like your players' locker room at Wembley. Beckham engages in communal showers, too.

S' no big thing. lol
Yeah, why? You don't in the UK?
There's an option. Take the shower at the school, or stay stinky until you get home. :)
well, i guess that goes for some schools..? but at my school, it's optional :)
In some places, yes they have communal showers, but at the school I go to there is none and I haven't heard a lot of schools doing it anymore
Uhh yeah. And guess what? We shower naked too. :)
My high school did that.
The Boys take showers with the girls.
At my high school we didnt shower after gym
what is PE? and i dont use showers outside home, it is dirty.
its not true. depending on what high school you go to, you may be offered to take a shower but i dont think its a requirement.
You don't HAVE to, but it's optional. I won't when I'm in high school (I'm in 8th grade).
NO! who the hell would do that?
yeah sadly..
It depends on the school, some schools have a large shower room with multiple shower heads and no stalls.
yes it is true. we also have to in junior high school.
it is gross.
Not coed if thats what you mean
some schools you HAVE to, but others its optional. MOST schools in america it is optional...
I have taken all my required gym classes for high school and we didnt have to get showers in class. there were showers in there but we only had like 4 minutes to get dressed let alone do our hair and get dress and get a shower. but im sure there are some schools like that. idk
they are there if you want to use them but i never do. people usually disrespect them and write all over them. actaully, i don't think anyone ever does in our school. maybe football players do. but girls don't. they're somewhat unsanitary to me..
well we have them but my school never made us use them. there could be some schools that make them.
The have communal showers, but you do not have to shower if you don't want to ( but taking a shower is nice) Also, I do not know if you are afraid of being nude in public or something like that. I just recommend that you act as if everything was normal. Rule of thumb.
At the high school I attended there were communal showers and a couple private ones.
Depends on the highschool, in many it is true. I've also seen it at university, but that was 20 years ago.
Yes, if you attend a school that is not a well funded institution, you are very likely going to have to use a communal shower. If you are in one of those "rich" schools, sometimes you get private showers. Also, girls tend to get private showers more than guys. Go figure, stupid sexism.
You don't have two and I don't think many people do. Too much bacteria in my opinion.
Yes they do the schools are cheep and don't want to pay for individual showers so there are just multi headed bars for showers
True, but somewhat can always go back to class smelling like BO if you choose.
some schools
It is not a requirement in most high schools to shower after PE. Only if you are in sports. Girls and boys ALWAYS have seperate showers.

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