Any first day of high school tips?

Question:I am really nervous any tips?

OK, first off, ignore all those things that first answer said to you about the upperclassmen; they are all wrong. Upperclassmen really aren't out to get freshmen, and especially not freshman GIRLS. Sure, sometimes if a guy gets a little too mouthy the upperclassmen will put him in his place but, for the most part, you're going to be fine. Don't worry. Relax.

Also, remember to smile. All of your classmates are going to look like frightened deers in oncoming traffic; break the mold and people will instantly gravitate to you!

Don't stick with just one friend, try and branch out and meet new people. On the first day, everyone's just as nervous as you are; plop yourself down next to someone who looks friendly and introduce yourself!

Don't sit in the back of the classroom, and don't sit in the first row. In the first row you can't see who else is in your class without craning your head around; it just makes meeting and remembering people awkward. Sitting too far back makes you a prime target for teachers to constantly put you on the spot; try and sit somewhere in the middle, where you have desks full of new people to meet on all sides!

GET INVOLVED! Join clubs, classes, teams, sports - ANYTHING! You'll meet new friends and build on your college appliction.

Remember; everyone's done this at one point or another, and most of them survive! High school is one of the most amazing, rewarding, CRAZY times in your life and you'll miss it if you stress too much!
First, and actually rather importantly, do not stop in the hallway. Something that irks upperclassmen to no end is freshmen who walk very slowly and/or stop in the hallway to talk to your friends. Talk to them during class and free time, or if you absolutely HAVE to talk to them, pull them aside (but not right in front of someone's locker, or you'll be nudged).
I don't know about in your school, but chances are, none of the other students will actually go out of their way to knock your books on the floor or anything, so there's not really anything to worry about there.
As for your teachers, just try to be as good a student as you can: pay attention, try not to fall asleep, and if you know the answer to a question, raise your hand. Even if the teacher doesn't call on you, they will appreciate that you are a part of the classroom atmosphere, and you will be better-liked for that.
Also, try to join clubs that interest you. It's a great way to meet friends in other grades.
if you want guys to like you wear sexy short skirts and act sexy otherwise people wont give a fu**
First off, never submit to peer pressure. Do not get be involved in the "wrong crowd." You must remember the reason why you are in high school and that is to get an excellent education to continue your studies in college.

You should know as many people as possible. Introduce yourself to your classmates and teachers. Make your presence own.

Remember, not everyone who you meet is going to be your friend. Meet as many people as you can and once you find the two, three, four people who you can relate to and be close friends with- those people will be your best friends in high school.

The main priority is to get an education and don't do anything stupid like sex and drugs. Don't screw yourself up.
If upper classmen give you any crap, just brush them off. The jackasses in high school usually end up working at gas stations.
Try to go to any types of open houses or events where you get to take a tour around the school, ask your future teachers any questions you might have, meet up with your friends, ect. This saves much time when the first day of school arrives though you still might be a little overwhelmed by the many students going through the hallways.

Try not to stop in the middle of the hallway while trying to read your schedule or to see if you can spot your friends. Not only does this give out a clear indication that you're a freshman (LOL), this pisses of upperclassmen and your fellow freshmen since they only have X amount of time to go from Classroom A to Classroom B.

Try to get to your classes on time. I know this may be difficult since it's your first day of high school plus your classes could be all over the school but it sucks to have to wait outside your class and wait for your teachers to open the door.

Just come to school with a positive attitude and you should be fine. High school is nothing like how it is on movies and TV. Upperclassmen don't knock books out your hands or stuff you into lockers or any other craziness they show on TV. Besides, upperclassmen have better things to do than pick on the freshmeat. LOL

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