Back to school yr10?

Question:Hey im going into yr 10 on tuesday. What is it like. What subjects did you do? Im doing business studies, IT, RS, french n music. Im really not looking forward to it. Are GCSE's getting easier or is it just dick heads who have nothing better to say. Im doing 12 subjects and i dont know how im going to cope with all the work. I need good grades for what i want to do and im really worried that im not going to get them!! Help me! How can i make myself work. I always think oh im going to go home and get all my work done but i never seem to be able to do it. thanks xx

i took business studies r.s history drama ict and child care. i just finished school. it can be hard but as long as you take your time and try ytour best you should be ok. i took a total of 12 subjects aswel and i think i coped well, u just have to have a set time for homework say from when you get home til 5 or something depending hen you get home. try to do the homework the night u get it then if u ifnd it hard u can ask fo help the next day. Ure not expected to perfect straight away if it's a new subject! i was predicted c's and D's and i actually acchieved 1 A 3B's and 8C's so if u work hard then you really can get the good grades! good luck honey... not that u need it i'm sure u'll do just fine!!
year 10 is okay and GCSE's are easy if you knuckle down
have fun!! i prefered years 10 and 11 at school
Take your own advice and do your homework. Each school is different and each person's experience in school varies, so just wait until school starts to see how its like for you.
It's not all that bad. I did a lot of subjects like you, I did 13...all you need to do is make sure you do good in coursework and then you need to revise in year 11 and you'll be alright.
hi ive just finished year 11
and i have to admit i found the gcses quite hard
but i didnt do much revision
but i still managed to come out with 6 B's and 5 C's haha
but i took easy subjects like health and social care double award(BB) and media studies(B)
i also took french(C) and textiles(C)
i found my french exam really hard but i still managed to pass
if you try and ace your french course work, you get 3 to do over the 2 years then thats a quater of your final mark
and the speaking exam is easy, you just memorise a script and then get a couple of quesstions which you learn aswell
and thats another quater, the rest is reading and listening which are mainly mutiple choice really.
same goes for science you get an early exam
as long as you revise and keep up to date you should be fine!
good luck:)
just finished year 10 it went quicker than i could say boo
the subjects are pretty easy its just the same work you have been studying since yr 7 but they add each bits to it coursework is very important but its just like an extended homework at my school ive already done maths, sciences,it and english coursework and thats well over half way. what the schools do (provided you live in the uk) the make you do quite a lot of coursework in year 10 at the beginning of the year u will probarly be thinking oh s*** how am i going to get throught this year but get your head down in class and have fun at break and it will fly by trust me good luck and have fun =D
year 10 is okay, you will only have a few exams, maybe one in ICT depending on which course you are doing and some in sciences. it is mainly just courseowrk and learning stuff, some classes you'll find interesting and others you'll hate.all i can say, is just have fun, revise before your exams, work hard in class and do your homework/coursework, but other than that, still have a social life because you'll have less of that in year 11 when the pressure is on. and FYI, no, the exams aren't getting easier, these people have no idea what they are talking about.

*as above, it will feel absoloutly normal to feel like you are drowning in coursework, i remember having my graphics, maths and english all to do in one night, you'll usually have a weekend-a week to do your coursework though, more for technologies obviously. when you get to this stage, make yourself a plan i.e. decide as soon as you get home to put all your work out on yuor bed, start with the homework, have a 'done' pile and a 'to do' pile.
Dont worry. I'm afraid those dick heads are right. Theyre easy but you still need to put the work into the to get good results. I took 12 subjects and received 4 A*'s, 2 A's and 6 B's. Panicked in every exam but came out with good grades.

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