Are GCSE remark appeals generally successful: i.e. in raising the grade?

Difficult to say, because they can also lower the grade. Only appeal if you are confident you will win and its an important subject, ie maths English.
well i sent my a-levels back to be remarked- that was 7 years ago and i still havent heard what my final result is!! but thats not so bad as i just put on my CV that i got the grade i was expected when actually i probably didn't- woohoo!!
I honestly wouldn't bother unless you desperately need a higher grade for a reason, and are convinced that your marking hasn't been fair. Its rare to get a whole grade higher after a remark, especially as a lot of GCSE's are now a high proportion of coursework, and a few exams over 2 years and not just 1 at the end. I wouldn't bother, move on and go for good grades in your A levels or college instead.
not always. they usually only add a few marks on, but then again they can always take marks off. i wasn't successful, my SAT's in year 6 never came back, they were sent off by my teacher for a remark, but now no one knows what mark i actually got.
If they were everybody would ask for a remark! Unless there is a real mismatch between the grade awarded and the grade predicted by your school, I would not bother. It is expensive and unlikely to result in success.

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